Over 30 years of Calibration Market, Repair of Laboratory Equipment and Process.

We operate throughout the entire region North and Northeast, with periodic visits and ready solutions in calibration and repair of various brands.

  • Elimination or reduction of measurement errors;
  • Indication of new equipment and technologies;
  • Sharing management systems or tools;


Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

RBC Calibration

Teclabor is accredited RBC for 4 capabilities (Mass, Temperature and Humidity, Flow and Fluid Velocity and Volume and Specific Mass).

Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Tracked Calibration

We calibrate practically all parameters available in our laboratories or in the field. Our calibration certificates meet any audit / evaluation.

Technical assistance

We carry out maintenance on various types of equipment

Thermal Qualification

Make your validations and qualifications with us.

Contact us

Rua Ana Maria Vieira, nº 11, Prazeres, Jaboatão dos Guararapes – PE / CEP: 54.325-622