Metrology, engineering and quality consulting.

MEC-Q is already the private laboratory with the largest number of Accreditations in Brazil.

  • Brazilian Calibration Network - (RBC).
  • Brazilian Network of Testing Laboratories - (RBLE).
  • Accreditations with CGCRE
  • The MEC-Q is prepared to serve throughout Brazil and other MERCOSUR countries.


MEC-Q is a company that provides services in the areas of Quality Systems and Industrial/Laboratory Metrology, Engineering, Consulting.

Over two decades it is made up of professionals with proven experience in their areas of expertise.

With the increasing deployment of Quality Systems, MEC-Q has been acting as facilitator of this process for its customers, reducing costs and deadlines.

Metrologia, certificados RBC, Calibração e Acreditações

Calibration / Maintenance

MEC-Q performs Instrument Calibration and Maintenance services in state-of-the-art laboratories where environmental conditions are permanently controlled, including temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and external interference.

Water Analysis

MEC-Q offers the most complete line of water analysis, industrial, domestic and rainwater effluents, cooling towers and boilers and water for human consumption, among others.


The MEC-Q provides a methodology to plan and manage the Measurement Systems, as well as tools to evaluate the reliability of the Measurement System (equipment, procedure, operator and part) and its various interactions with the environment of use.

Measurements / Dimensional Controls

MEC-Q uses high technology equipment and trained professionals for geometric and surface measurement in the provision of metrological certification services in plastic, metal, glass and various automotive components.

Training / Outsourcing

MEC-Q offers tailor-made training to train Metrology technicians in specialties that are extremely necessary for the best performance of their functions.

Thermal Qualification

The MEC-Q uses one of the most modern equipment for the realization of thermal qualification.


Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Santo Andre (11) 3463-8202 (11) 3463-8218
Information (11) 3463-8211
Rua: Francisco Bonilha, 19 - Vila Príncipe de Gales Santo André - SP - CEP: 09060-550
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Taubaté (12) 2123-6106
Information (12) 2123-6100
Rua: Vera Vasconcellos Silva, 720 Bairro Una - Taubaté - SP - CEP: 12072-290
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Sorocaba (15) 3384-3000 (15) 3031-2356
Information (15) 3384-3000
Av. Antônio Bettini, 333 - Parque Empresarial - Cerquilho - SP - CEP: 18520-000
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Camaçari (71) 3627-5108 (71) 99918-8223
Information (71) 3627-6141
Av. Jorge Amado , S/N - Parque das Palmeiras - Camaçari - BA - CEP: 42800-970
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Minas Gerais (31) 3531-1215 (31) 2571-4821
Information (31) 2571-4921
Rua: Sílvio Lobo, 60 A – Angola Horto - Betim - MG - CEP: 32604-170
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

Rio de Janeiro (21) 3890-1382 (21) 3570-1381
Information (21) 3570-1381
Rua Argentina, 289 – São Cristovão - Rio de Janeiro – RJ - CEP: 20921-380
Metrology, RBC certificates, Calibration of scales

São José dos Pinhais (41) 3534-4434 (11) 99862-9318
Information (41) 3534-4434
Rua Apucarana, 234 - Bairro Cruzeiro - São José dos Pinhais - PR- CEP: 83010-050